For Chelsea fans, part of what has made the clubs recent success so enjoyable is the presence of homegrown talent. Lifting the UEFA Champions League is awesome; doing so with academy kids in the team is even better. So, for that reason, the idea of losing academy stars Reece James and Mason Mount should be anathema to the future of the club. With Todd Boehly now in charge of the club, fans expected quick movement on contracts for two of the most important – but lowest paid – members of the current team.

Worryingly, though, reports suggest that neither player has seen contract talks even begin. While James has a deal that runs until 2025, his wage is considered paltry relative to the performance he puts in and the rate players of his calibre are paid. As such, there is interest arising from the likes of Real Madrid and even Manchester City. James’s natural ability paired with his world class delivery make him an obvious target for many clubs.

Carlo Ancelotti is believed to be a huge fan, and could see him as the ideal replacement for Dani Carvajal. They see James as one of the key signings in the medium-term future for Madrid, and James would fit in well with their general policy of development and rejuvenation of a squad which has won so much.

Chelsea need to make a move if they want to get their star players tied down. Both James and Mount will be targets for rival clubs if the Blues do not get a shift on. Losing two of the faces of the club, and two of the most essential players under Thomas Tuchel, would be an absolutely terrible start to the new era under American ownership.

Should Chelsea fans be worried?

Given both players have a fair amount of time left on their deals, perhaps not. Still, it is not a good look to let so many of the club’s key performers reach such a situation. We already seen this year what happens when Antonio Rüdiger got his head turned by Real Madrid. Other big clubs can match what the Blues can afford to pay these days; the days of Chelsea just blowing teams out the water are, sadly, long gone.

And with the club already having to try and negotiate their way out of the disastrous Romelu Lukaku signing, tere is much work to be done this summer. Given the ownership situation has dragged on, though, fans are worried that the boat could have been missed with regards to contracts for some of the key players in the squad.

While other players might be more naturally gifted, no t wo players are more loved by the support than the two leading academy boys. Losing one would be a nightmare – losing both would leave the Boelhy era feeling dead before it can even begin.

Contract negotiations with both should be an absolute priority – a failure to do so would leave the entire project feeling cursed from its earliest days.

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