As one of the most important people in the modern history of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich has played an essential role in the clubs rise to success. However, with the war in Ukraine, it looks like Abramovich will finally move on from ownership of the club. This is a challenging time for most Blues fans, but it looks like the new owners – who should arrive in due course – will be a net positive for the club as a whole.

However, it also looks like Roman has not waited around for too long to get back into the football scene. Reports had suggested that he would buy a team in Israel, but it looks like his investment will instead be going into the Turkish football scene. Reports suggest that Abramovich has completed a deal for Turkish club Gotzepe, and will complete the deal as soon as Friday.

It would be a rapid turnaround for a man who is still in the midst of selling Chelsea. However, it would also be fair to say that selling one of the most powerful and successful clubs in Europe will take longer than buying a provincial club in Turkey. Whether or not he will return to his considerably large investment in the Turkish team or not remains to be seen. It is interesting, though, to see that there is further proof that the Russian simply did not want to depart the football world.

Instead, the pressure to sell Chelsea due to the political connections with the Russian state has pushed the Chelsea owner out the door. With Turkey being far less politically aggressive towards the nation of his birth, buying a team there makes sense. It only comes as a surprise that it was a club outside of the typical Turkish elite.

What happens next for Chelsea?

Since the Blues will have new ownership before the end of the season, barring any huge delays, it does not matter for Chelsea that Abramovich is likely to have a new team. UEFA is not keen on dual ownership, having already wrapped the knuckles of Abramovich for his investment in CSKA Moscow in the past. However, it looks like Chelsea will finally be clear of Abramovich by the summer as he continues his love of football in Eastern Europe with a Turkish team that few will have heard of before.

The club has enjoyed some decent results in previous seasons, and are coached by Nestor el Maestro. The Serbian coach has a long history of working within the game, and would be seen as an interesting leader to keep on should Abramovich want to retain some form of continuity.

Free from any worries that the ownership of a new team could impact Chelsea, though, Blues fans can simply wish the former owner the best once the deal for a sale goes through. A preferred bidder is expected to be announced for the ownership of Chelsea in the coming weeks.

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