Having watched Emerson enjoy a strong UEFA Euro 2020 campaign, filling in for the long-term injured Leonardo Spinazzola, Chelsea fans might be surprised to see the exit coming. The Brazilian-born Italian international has been involved in many squads under Thomas Tuchel.

However, the return to form of Marcos Alonso as well as Ben Chilwell means that Emerson is pushed further down the pecking order.

Now, the player has made clear that he wants to go. He has been linked with several clubs in Italy, but is also close to joining Lyon in France. The French giants are seen as keen to make the deal stick, having enjoyed great success with Mattia De Sciglio last summer.

Emerson, though, has made clear that he would like to make a move to a team who can offer him an exciting project this summer.

Though well-liked by Blues fans, it is likely that the end is near for the player. Having arrived as a squad option, Emerson has more than filled in his role as a reliable player on the wings for Chelsea. However, with the need to keep playing regular game-time to stay in a stacked Italy side, an excit is near.

What did Emerson say about leaving?

The player has been speaking to media back home in Brazil, and was quoted as saying to ESPN Brasil: “I know it’s not easy, but I’m hungry to play. I want to play, I know I can be out on the pitch, I’ve proved that.

“So I’m going to do everything I can to be on the pitch. Of course, I still have two more years on my contract with Chelsea, which is a great club. I’ve already proved that I can play here, but at the same time I want to be on the pitch. I want to play, I want to feel important, like I already did.

“I want to have the same feeling I felt when I scored against Atlético Madrid, to have the same feeling when I won the Champions League.”

When asked about where he would like to go next, Emerson was clear that the choice would be his, saying: “And I will really choose the best option. If it’s to stay at Chelsea, if it happens to Napoli or another team.

“I still have another 25 days practically to think about it, to be able to choose the best, the best place. Where they really want me, want me happy. Last season I didn’t have the opportunity to maybe choose, to maybe have another option.

“Today, I have others, I can choose, I have time to choose, so for sure next season will be the way I choose, not how things arrive and I have to accept them. I will do everything to choose the best option, which is the one of being on the pitch as many times as possible.”

Expect the Blues to be short of one Euro winner come the end of the transfer window, then.

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