Having arrived into a proverbial burning building, Thomas Tuchel has done his best impression of a football firefighter. Taking on a young squad laden with talent and ability, Chelsea were seen as one of the great underperformers in Europe upon his arrival. However, the German supremo has worked his magic, turning Chelsea from an expensive joke into one of the most well-structured teams in Europe. Previous coach Frank Lampard had found it hard to blend his unique squad together and faced the sack long before it arrived.

Since Tuchel arrived, though, numerous comments were made that he was simply the next in-line to be sacked in the near future. Having most likely guaranteed Chelsea UEFA Champions League football whilst reaching the UCL and FA Cup Finals, the German has turned a season of loss into one of genuine triumph and opportunity. So, with that in mind, the reports that Tuchel will be given a juicy new deal should surprise nobody.

The German is on the lookout for a new deal to arrive in the near future, with his work so far impressing everyone at the club. The speed in which he turned around a team of young underperformers from a team that looked lethargic and weak into a tactical powerhouse that has taken results from the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City (twice), and Real Madrid, shows a coach in his element with a squad who would go to war for him.

The news of a new deal, too, shows just how fast things can change. When he first arrived at Chelsea, the coach made clear that the length of his contract wasn’t an issue as the sack is always just around the corner in football. Now, though, he can likely feel some security.

Does Thomas Tuchel deserve a new contract?

Given the fact he’s only been at the club for a period of months, some worry this new extension might be too hasty. However, with the German in his best form as a coach this year, he looks like a ready-made fit for Chelsea. He is a cerebral thinker with the ability to connect with younger players, giving them a confidence boost whilst also keeping them well in-line in terms of tactics and formations.

He’s a man manager who also does not mind having control from above taken from him. Although he has famously had fallouts with the higher-ups at both Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain, it is clear that Tuchel can work as part of a wider setup. Given coaches are rarely given power away from the dugout and training ground, then, he should be the perfect fit for the modern system that Chelsea have developed.

Though some might worry that it could be a good period of success that soon fades, it would be hard to deny that Tuchel has been a genuine gamechanger in London. With no shortage of his ability as a coach, this could be the long-term appointment that Chelsea have hunted after for so long.

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