Though Chelsea are currently in as good a place as they have been for several years, the Blues never stop looking for ways to improve. And one of the most interesting discussions at the moment revolves around the signing of summer attacking talent. Though there is much talk of the signing of a signature striker, the return to form of Timo Werner could see those plans shelved – at least in the intention to buy an out and out striker. Instead, Chelsea might look to bolster their attacking talent elsewhere.

A common complaint from some fans is a lack of true quality in the wide areas, at least consistently. The arrival of Jadon Sancho, then, would change that. The aggressive young winger, a Chelsea supporter, has been linked mostly with the Manchester clubs and Liverpool. However, with news that Borussia Dortmund might be lowering their price to a more palatable £80m, Chelsea might look to get in ahead of the pack.

A London boy, Sancho is rated as among the most exciting players of his generation. Though his stats have slowed down somewhat this year, his incredible production since breaking through at BVB was arguably unsustainable. Many see his drop in form as a sign of a player who has downed tools; it is more likely, though, that the player has simply been the subject of more strenuous marking than ever before.

His second half of the season has been hugely impressive when fit. With his contract running down and BVB keen to try and offset too many key player losses, though, they might instead look to make a fair deal for Sancho.

Why would Dortmund sell Sancho to Chelsea?

For one, the two clubs have done business in the past without any real disharmony. There is believed to be a good relationship there – unlike the relationship shared with other English clubs. The season long soap opera of Sancho going to Manchester United is believed to have seriously irked those at the top of Dortmund. Therefore, they might prefer to do their business with Chelsea.

Given it is the team that Sancho supports, and they could be reigning European champions, it might also be easier to see an agreement between all parties. Despite late rumours, it appeared last year that Sancho was not really committed to a move back to Manchester. Chelsea are on the upward curve and could use Sancho most weeks; add in a lifelong affection for the Blues, and his arrival would make a lot of sense for all involved.

With BVB potentially missing out on the Champions League for next year, they might need to make a sacrifice of sorts to help balance the books. With Sancho well proven in his time at Dortmund, all parties might agree that this is as good a time as any to say farewell to one another.

And for Chelsea, it could held them to land the most exciting English talent of his age group for a fee far below what might have been expected.

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