Heading back to London to face his old team, Carlo Ancelotti arrives in the capital with an upwardly mobile and ambitious Everton side. With Everton fighting for a UEFA Champions League for the first time since Roberto Martinez was manager, they know that a win at Stamford Bridge would be essential to their likely success in playing in Europe next year. Can the old Italian mastermind turn up with a tactic that outsmarts the young German in the Blues dugout, though?

Home News

The main thing to note about this game is that Chelsea arrive knowing they have held a pretty big hoodoo with Everton. Out of their last six games, Chelsea have won just once – a 4-0 destruction in March 2020. However, this year, Everton won the first meeting 1-0, and previous games saw Chelsea score only once against the Blues since 2017. Tuchel, then, needs to find a team that can penetrate an Everton defence that has their number.

For the Blues, a loss here would likely be a killer to their hopes of a UEFA Champions League spot. As such, expect them to play a fully attacking team as they try to dominate the game early and put Everton on the back foot as soon as they can.

Chelsea have four clean sheets in a row at home and will arrive in this game full of confidence that they can keep Everton out. The only question is, can they score?

Away News

Where Everton will find belief is that they have scored at least two goals in their last four away games – including a 2-0 win at Anfield, breaking a two-decade-long hoodoo at their rivals home ground. Arriving in London, the Toffees also know they are playing against a team that has seen a trifling amount of goals scored, for or against, in their last nine games.

Everton are a team who know how to attack and how to score; if they can turn the Chelsea match into a battle of wills, then it could easily lead to some big results for them here in London. They need to be able to get Chelsea to come out, though, as Everton are not great at breaking teams down and they also tend to have a goal against them to give; keeping the game high-octane is crucial to getting a result here.


For all the good work that Ancelotti has done at Everton, winning big games away from home has been a challenge. As a club, Everton have long had mentality issues in the biggest games. Here, though, they have a chance to right that wrong – but given the way Chelsea are defending under Thomas Tuchel, we just cannot see anything other than a Chelsea win.

Chelsea to finally find some form in front of goal and Everton to open the scoring, only to be swept away by a more aggressive Chelsea side than we have seen so far in the early Thomas Tuchel reign.

Result: 3-1 Chelsea

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