When Frank Lampard first arrived back at Stamford Bridge as manager, the opinion among fans was mostly mixed. He had done a good, not spectacular, job at Derby County. Despite impressing in many ways, he had failed to get promoted with one of the best squads in the second tier. Stepping up to Chelsea despite some obvious worries about his ability to organise a team and set it up to be dogged and consistent was always going to be a tough ask. Halfway through his second season, though, the dream looks to be burning out for Lampard with replacements being spoken to behind the scenes.

For the Englishman, though, one person he does not need to worry about taking his role is Italian supremo Massimiliano Allegri. The Italian is not interested in the job, and would not be considered, according to reports around the club. The club has invested heavily in a Germanic playing squad, with many players either German nationality or from the Bundesliga. As such, it is likely that the replacement for Lampard will come from the home of counter-pressing itself.

Names such as Julien Nagelsmann and Thomas Tuchel are regularly linked with the Spurs job. Allegri, despite having an outstanding reputation after the work done at AC Milan and Juventus, is not seen as someone suited to the aggressive squad that Chelsea are developing. As such, it is likely that any move for a new coach will be done in the summer when the options from Germany are more suitable.

Why is Allegri not considered for the Chelsea job?

The main reason comes down to cultural fit with the current playing side. Most of the Chelsea squad are younger and are more suited to a high intensity, attacking game. Despite trying to implement that himself, Lampard has struggled to find defensive consistency, with many examples of poor team shape and being caught cold on counter attacks becoming a real red flag on his CV.

Allegri, though, exhibits none of the same commitments to front-foot attacking football. The Italian coach is noted as being more cerebral, preferring a more patient, almost stalking style of football. Noted as a major pragmatist, too, Allegri has been quickly to move from one style to the next in a bid to try and find results. For the Italian, results were the be-all and end-all at Juve; Chelsea, though, seem to be favouring a blend of both.

This could see some issues for the search of a new coach, though, with the two most likely names unattainable until June at the earliest. RB Leipzig coach Nagelsmann has made clear his commitment to that project, at least in the medium-term. Meanwhile, Tuchel has also suggested that he will stay out of football until the summer at the earliest.

Having left Paris Saint-Germain in uncomfortable circumstances, it is believed the German would like some time off the training field before making a return, most likely in the German Bundesliga.

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